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Women's Yoga Therapy

This gentle movement practice calls us home to ourselves as women — home to our inner wisdom.  Rooted in Indigenous and ancient practices of the Samkhya philosophy and Ayurveda, this practice invites us to return to our elemental body.  This style of yoga is here to nurture your connection to the elements within your body (elements show up in your body just like they show up in nature!), movements to nurture the womb space, breathwork and rest.  This modality offers space for all women in different stages of life and honours the ever-changing seasons that are organically flowing through you.  It is accessible for all bodies and all levels.   It feels a lot more like a qigong practice in it's essence (no warriors, headstands or balancing poses here)


220hr Yoni Shakti: Women's Yoga Therapy Teacher Training with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

This practice is supportive for women who are looking to come home to their bodies, nurture and move emotions, stagnant energy, pain or blockages held within the body, and deepen their relationship to their feminine, womb space and/or menstrual cycle. 

Want to learn more?  Don't hesitate to send me an email or fill out the inquiry form so we can schedule a no-charge, no obligation initial consultation

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