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Womb Wisdom Rise 

8-week Immersion, 8 seats available

Empowering women to embody their Sacred Feminine and deepen their relationship with their cyclical wisdom


4 ceremonies.  An opportunity to allow your healing to be witnessed.  Plus...indescribable things happen when women gather.  (online)

○ Ceremonies will incorporate

    ~ breathwork practices

    ~ meditation/hypnotherapy

    ~ movement practices to embody the Sacred Feminine         and connect to our elemental body

    ~ integration and sharing circles

4 individual hypnotherapy sessions to explore emotional, mental or physical barriers to living embodied with your sacred feminine. (choice of online or in-person)

Book of menstrual wisdom, lunar wisdom and self-guided practices to empower you to connect to your Sacred Feminine. (mailed to you)

Initial consultation to discuss the intake form and your intentions for the individual hypnotherapy sessions. (online or in-person)

The next immersion launches: March 4th, 2022

Find a detailed calendar of dates below

Who is this Immersion for?

All women who are looking to deepen their

relationship to their cyclical wisdom, their

blood and embody their Sacred Feminine.

Can I join if I don't bleed anymore or no longer have a womb?

Absolutely! Cyclical wisdom is a birthright

and will be with you for the entirety of your

life.  The Sacred Feminine is not confined to an organ.  If connecting to a menstrual cycle to deepen your relationship with your cyclical wisdom doesn't align anymore, then I invite you to connect to Lunar rhythms and flows.  

Who is this immersion not for?

Anyone looking for a quick fix.

Anyone who isn't ready to commit to all

aspects of the program (ceremonies and

individual hypnotherapy sessions). 

Honour yourself and join when it feels aligned.

Why Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a tool that empowers you to explore your subconscious and create lasting change for yourself. It utilizes a natural state of focused attention to safely guide you through your subconscious.

How does this fit into Womb Wisdom Rise?

Because systems of oppression have been in place for a long time that are designed to disempower women, disconnections are prevalent between women and their relationship to their womb space, their blood, and their cyclical wisdom. 

When we have the ability to heal within the subconscious (versus our analytical and naturally very blocking conscious mind) our mind, thoughts, behaviours and feelings begin to respond as if this is always the way its been, because to the mind, it is.  Imagine how empowering yourself to heal could deepen and strengthen that connection and relationship.  

If there is physical or emotional pain, feelings that you wish felt differently or past traumas connected to that space in your body, hypnotherapy is a profound and empowering tool to guide you through exploring your intentions.  

The 1st and 4th sessions will follow a similar structure for all women in the program, however all sessions are individualized.  The middle two session will be completely unique to you and your individual goals.  With registration, you will receive an intake form with questions that will help guide your goals and intentions for the hypnotherapy portion of the program.  There will also be space held to discuss this during the initial consultation. 

There are a lot of misconceptions around what hypnotherapy is and isn't.  Please find my Clinical Hypnotherapy Q&A form here, send me an email (I'm always happy to answer any and all questions) or there is lots of space for discussion during the initial consultations if you have any questions/curiosities.  

Already registered?

If you're already registered in the Womb Wisdom Rise immersion, you should have received a confirmation email from me.  If you haven't, send me an email  

Now it's time to book your hypnotherapy sessions!

* Please book your individual hypnotherapy sessions using the "schedule session" button below. 

*Please follow the calendar provided below so you know the time frame to book each session in.  If you are able to book your consultation and all 4 sessions now, I recommend doing so.  If you cannot find a time that works for you based on my available hours, please reach out to me directly so we can find a solution!


*Each session is 1 hour long, with hypnotherapy being anywhere from 30-45 minutes.