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Heart Centre: An Evening with Rose

Under the energies of the ‘Strawberry’ Full Moon (also called the Rose Full Moon), join me for an evening as we gather in community, intention and land in the beauty, love and tenderness of our hearts. 


The ‘Strawberry’ or ‘Rose’ Full Moon is always either the last Full Moon of Spring or the first Full Moon of Summer, and has been given this name to acknowledge the beauty that is blooming all around in this season of the year.  Full Moons can often present points of tension in our lives, often highlighting any discrepancies between what we want, and what our hearts or souls are actually asking for.  Because of this, it is a beautiful time to connect to what your heart is asking of you, and let go of what you intuitively know is ready to be released.  


About this Evening:


To honour the energies of this Full Moon, we will be connecting to Rose, the plant.  Rose is traditionally associated with beauty, love and tenderness in the heart so it really is the perfect plant to support our journey through this Full Moon.  Rose reminds us to honour the love in our hearts and beauty in the unfolding of life.


This evening will include an invitation to connect to the plant Rose through tea, tincture and hydrosol.  Through sound, song and gentle movement, we will move what is ready to be released, and in community, share the beauty that is blooming in our hearts.  A gentle guided meditation will support you in grounding the love that surfaced into your heart.  


Join me on June 14th 7:00-9:00pm 

Calgary, Alberta


I would be honoured to share in this evening with you.  

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