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Tea Ceremony

Cha Dao “The Way of Tea” is a Zen Buddhist practice.  When held intentionally in ceremony, Tea invites us to live life in harmony with our experiences, to slow down, quiet our mind and listen — listen to our hearts, our truth and our inner wisdom.  Tea welcomes us exactly as we are and exactly as we need to be.   The sensory and spiritual experience of sitting intentionally with Sacred Medicine invites us to return Home to ourselves — home to our body, mind and spirit.

Tea has become a profound teacher in my own spiritual practice and often tells me how much she loves to be shared so it is an honour and a blessing to witness others find in their bowls the same universal magic that has changed my own life.  

Every ceremony is unique.  Come sit in reverence with this Sacred medicine and receive the mystery that every bowl of Tea offers. 

I offer support to individuals, gatherings, retreats, workshops and communities.  I'd be honoured to pour for you.

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