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A reminder that things come & go.

Once upon a time, La Mezcaleria and La Pulqueria could be found in San Miguel de Allende's centro neighbourhood.  I was first introduced to La Pulqueria from a friend.  It was charming — tucked away on a quiet street surrounded by blossoming Bougainvillea.  The space was simple and poetic.  Their sister restaurant was the kind of space you want to find in your travels — minimal, a hidden courtyard, local art on the walls, their dishes thoughtful --- all supported by a team that believed in what the land has to offer, and what it means to enjoy food and community.  

A man hangs a sign outside his cafe

The owners were young, ambitious and clearly taking steps forwards while holding their intentions. 

I was grateful to have come across them, eager to include them in the San Miguel de Allende city-guide.  I believed in their story and hoped that in sharing more about it, others would believe in it too. 

A few days after I got home from San Miguel de Allende, while immersed in completing the guide, the same friend that introduced me to them told me that both spaces shut their doors.  San Miguel de Allende can be fleeting like this, and reminds those who pass through not to grip too tightly onto anything.  It’s the kind of place that pulls you in when your spirit needs it, and kicks you right back out when it’s time for the next adventure. 

I write this now as an ode to spaces that no longer exist, yet, in the time they were present, made an impact to those that needed it.  It is also a reminder that, in this life, things come and go, and that’s okay. 

Light coming into a restaurant through a window

Restaurant design in San Miguel de Allende
Restaurant design in San Miguel de Allende

Two shots of Mezcal in San Miguel de Allende
A waiter holds a Mexican dish in San Miguel de Allende

The front of a pulque bar in San Miguel de Allende

poetry written on the wall in San Miguel de Allende


to the ground.

to the earth.

to the origins.

to the natural sprouts that we eat.

that nourish.

the brain.

thought relates to its source

to its source of existence.

and unifies.

to understand.

that without the earth.

without feet on the earth,

it is not possible

to live.


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