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I recently started a print shop.  Over the years I've taken thousands of photos throughout my travels and adventures.  It feels so aligned to start sharing my art in this way!  This photo is one of my favourite film photos I've ever taken.  My intention as a film photographer is to tell real, authentic stories.  In honouring that, here is the story behind the photo and the really good (and humbling) life reminder I get every time I see it.

This photo was taken when I was living in France.  It was spring and I was travelling near Toulouse.  We had stopped at this restaurant along the canal one afternoon.  Docked in the canal there was the most picturesque little french boat with an even more iconic older french man in the boat.  He was wearing a striped shirt, a french cap and had a pipe in his mouth.  He looked like he was straight out of an old french film.  At the time, I was really inspired by Vivian Maier's street film photography work and I sooo badly wanted to take his photo.  I remember sitting at the table on the terrace so nervous to go up and ask him if I could take his photo.  In my head I had made up all these reasons why he probably wouldn't let me take his photo.  I figured he would probably just be this really grumpy old man and tell me to go away.  Eventually, I got the courage to walk over to the boat and ask him if I could take his photo and when I did, his reaction instantly humbled me.  He was so touched that I asked.  His cheeks went instantly rosy from blushing.  I watched him straighten his suspenders, stand a little taller and pose for the photo.  It was an important reminder to never make assumptions about people because we just never know.  Every time I see that photo, I am reminded of that, and it feels like a really good moment (and learning) to remember.


This print, titled Monsieur, can be found in my print shop in the collection Mémoires, a growing collection of prints from the time I lived in France.

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