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What is Clinical Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy in which a natural state of focused attention is utilized for healing, self-exploration and changes in thoughts, behaviours and feelings. 

Simply put, Hypnotherapy is a way to get the subconscious mind on the same team as the conscious mind.  It is a therapeutic process where the subconscious realigns with how you would rather think, behave and feel. 


What is a Clinical Hypnotherapist?

A Clinical Hypnotherapist is a mental health professional with extensive training and expertise in the clinical application of hypnosis in therapy.

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What does Clinical Hypnotherapy feel like?

It is very relaxing!  It will feel very much like a guided meditation or perhaps a yoga nidra class.

Certain sessions may allow for an emotional release, and I realize this vulnerability may be uncomfortable.  Healing is no easy exploration and I commend you for even being on this page.  I am here to support you, see you, show up for you and help you understand that an emotional release is profoundly healing.

What is Neuroplasticity and what does it have to do with Hypnotherapy?

Neuroplasticity, also known as brain plasticity, is the brain's ability to change both in physical structure and its functional organization in response to training and experience.

The thoughts we think have a direct impact on patterns of emotions and behaviours, meaning if we imagine how we would rather think, behave and feel, neurological changes of reorganization are occurring to make that so. 

During a Hypnotherapy session, when you imagine how you would rather think, behave or feel (by having sensory experiences that support that), our neurological networks respond as if it's really happening because to the brain, it is. 

During a session, your brain waves are slowing down to a state where the brain is most receptive to change, the most 'plastic'.  This is known as the theta or trance state. 

Yes, thinking positive thoughts and having affirmations in our conscious day-to-day is powerful, but imagining those changes, and bringing those positive thoughts and affirmations into the subconscious where our brain is more receptive forms the roots for creating lasting change. 



Why would I do Clinical Hypnotherapy if I can just find free guided meditations?

Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions with me are specifically tailored to you, as the client.  This is not a one-size-fits-all type of modality, and because of my extensive training I really honour that.  

Our subconscious responds to change and healing so much more when our specific concerns, issues and problems are addressed.  I fully honour that in my practice and want you to get the most out of each session.



What if you recommend five sessions but I only want to come for three?

Let's put it this way:  If I was a marathon trainer and you came to me saying you want to run a marathon, I would likely have a recommendation of how many months of training it will take to get you there.  If you then came to me and said you only wanted to train for half the amount of time, it would be irresponsible of me to agree and then push your body 200% to get you to the marathon running level in half the time.  It is not possible and serves no benefit.  

Creating lasting change takes time, commitment and consistency.  I ask my clients to commit to my recommendations because my training and expertise has given me the skills to develop thoughtful treatment plans that map out where my clients want to go based on where they have been.

I believe in being honest and upfront with what I believe you need in order to achieve what you want.


Why can't I come for a single session to try it out?

I do not offer one-off sessions to new clients or returning clients with different concerns.  Hypnotherapy is a powerful modality and change can happen in a single session, but lasting change and a realignment of thoughts, behaviours and patterns takes time, commitment and consistency. 

My goals is to help you achieve your therapeutic goals.  Claiming that one session will help fix something that has been present with you for years would be both untrue and irresponsible. 



How does the process work?

Our first session will consist of the initial consultation where we will discuss what is presenting in your life, your reasons for seeking Hypnotherapy and your goals.  If you resonate with one of the packages, great!  We will focus on that.  If you are unsure, I will recommend a certain amount of sessions, which typically range from 3-8.  After you commit to these sessions and fill out the consent forms, we will schedule your first one.


After a few sessions when a client starts to realize shifts have occurred, it is typical to then want to focus on other goals.  It is important to the process that we see the whole process through for the initial goal discussed.   

Typically I like to see a client every week in the beginning and then may decrease frequency afterwards.  

I will reach out a few days after your session but please know you can always reach out to me by phone or email.  I am here for you. 

What if I can't be hypnotized?

Simply put, if you want to be hypnotized you can be.

Hypnosis is a very natural state that we move in and out of throughout the day.  Driving a car, playing a song that brings you back to a memory and daydreaming are all examples of hypnosis.  



What if I lose control of myself?

There is no loss of control.  Hypnotherapy actually allows you to achieve more control because you are very focused on a goal or objective that you want to achieve. 

There are many misconceptions about Hypnotherapy and what it is based on how it has been represented in Hollywood.  The control misconception likely originates from stage hypnosis, which actually involves people doing what they want to be doing in a social setting for the purpose of entertainment. 



Can I get stuck in Hypnosis?

Absolutely not.  At any time during a session you can dismiss a suggestion or realert yourself. 

If a suggestion doesn't resonate with your morals and values, you will simply dismiss it and continue with the session. 



Will Hypnotherapy make me remember things accurately?

Yes and no.  

Hypnotherapy can improve our recall of events we believe happened to us; however, it is not a way to find out the truth about events in dispute.  You may remember events in hypnosis, but there is no guarantee that you are remembering them clearly.  Every time we recall a memory, we change it slightly based on our lives since that moment occurred.  



Do I have to relive a trauma in order to heal from it in Hypnotherapy?

No.  One of the incredible things about Hypnotherapy is that traumas do not have to be relived.  If you want to heal from a trauma, we will likely discuss the feelings the trauma surfaces and when they surface, but describing the details of the event or trauma is not necessary.  

In fact, there is a lot of research that supports the notion that the thoughts you think have a direct impact on who you are.  Based on this, it actually wouldn't serve you or your sessions to continuously relive the trauma as all that is doing is reanchoring it in this mind.  



What is the pricing?


Treatment Plan Pricing

2 sessions $230

3 sessions $330

4 sessions $420

5 sessions $500

6 sessions $595

7 sessions $690

8 sessions $785

Number of sessions are based on my clinical expertise and recommendation of what gets discussed during the initial consultation.  Want to book a consultation to see if Hypnotherapy is right for you?  Click here

Is Hypnotherapy covered by insurance?

Possibly.  ARCH Canada has partnered with RITMA for insurance purposes.  Most major insurance providers accept RITMA receipts because of their strong vetting process.  

If you have insurance, I can provide you with a RITMA receipt following your session that you can submit to your insurance provider and hopefully it will be accepted.  I have no way of knowing or guaranteeing that the receipt will be accepted as it depends on your provider and policy.  

For any other questions or inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact me

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