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About ARCH Canada

Honouring Integrity

Hypnotherapy is unfortunately not a regulated industry, which means anyone can call themselves a Hypnotherapist after reading a book or a weekend course.

The use of the term 'Clinical' should be done so with much integrity and, unfortunately, this term is used by some without proper training

What is ARCH then?

The Association of Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists (ARCH) is a Canada-wide accrediting body for Clinical Hypnotherapists. 

ARCH membership is only attainable once a candidate has met the rigorous academic training, clinical experience and supervision requirements, including working knowledge of the DSM-5.

Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists are extensively trained in the use of advanced techniques and protocols in order to assist clients. 

I strongly recommend choosing a Clinical Hypnotherapist who has the proper training to assist you with your healing. 

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